• Gore

  • Guns

  • Homophobia

  • Human Trafficking/ Kidnapping

  • Military/ Police

  • Misogyny

  • Murder

  • Racism

  • Rape

  • Self-Injury

  • Sexism

  • Who can submit?

Anyone who identifies as Latinx regardless of ability, gender,  sexual orientation, and/or socio-economic status. However, there may be zine issues dedicated to raising specific voices within (i.e undocuqueer voices). Check call for submission specifications carefully.

  • How do I submit?


Send your submissions to In the subject line, tell us your preferred name (as you'd like it printed), where you’re from, and the title of your piece. Please include a short bit about yourself. We want to know who you are! 

  • What can I submit?

We accept original work. Text submissions should be in pdf, word doc, or google doc format. Please limit short stories & essays to 500 words or less.


Art submissions should be in jpg or png and should include a short description of the piece. Include titles for all. 

Include trigger warnings, if appropriate. Identifying triggers lets readers know there is potentially distressing material. Let’s care for each other & use the following trigger warnings:

  • Ableism                                                                             

  • Abuse (including animal abuse)

  • Anxiety

  • Border Violence / Narco and cartel mentions

  • Child Sexual Abuse

  • Cissexism / Cisnormativity

  • Depression

  • Drugs / Alcohol

  • Dysphoria

  • Eating Disorders

  • Sexual Assault

  • Slavery

  • Suicide

  • Terrorism

  • Transphobia

  • Violence