Las Bien Acompañadas

Krystall Escobedo
Co-founder, Co-editor



A Texas native transplanted in Ithaca NY, Krystall Escobedo is a writer, co-editor of Bien Acompañada, radio DJ, cultural organizer, and all around creative with their hands in too many jars. Writing has been their longest creative pursuit. They believe in the power of elevating one another and highlighting each other’s successes in creation. Every creation is a birth, and this year has been filled with painful, hard, and beautiful labor. They would like to encourage creative births from all underheard voices and honor our unique collective beauty & struggle.

Gabriela Lopez
Co-founder, Co-editor

El Paso,TX

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Proudly hailing from El Paso, Texas, I am a bordertown hija del...¡desierto! A self-described nopal, in scarcity and drought I can bear sweet fruit. I'm an activist, a violinist, a zinester,

and a guerrera, 

musing with rhyming verses

pa' sacar los sentimientos


Closeup of Succulent Plants

Mission Statement

A space by mujeres where we talk about the intricacies of existing as Latinx. We aim to raise all brown, queer, fat, femme, poor & other oppressed voices of la diaspora and honor our stories through art. Basically, we have too many feels so we make art.